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  • 100
  • 995
GBP 1.00 = PHP 69.40
Transaction Fee £2.00
Total To Pay £102.00
Why Remit Through Us?
Fast and convenient
Sending money is quick and easy with our robust global network and reliable mobile app.
Best value for money
We give the lowest service charge and the highest possible exchange rates per day.
Safe and secured
We are using the most reliable and most secured money remittance platform in the UK.
Speaks your language
We know how important it is to have your money delivered to your loved ones in no time.
24/7 Support
Our team is available to address any concerns and will happily give support 24/7.
Compliant with regulations
We are regulated and compliant with HMRC and Financial Conduct Authority keeping the right balance of convenience and security.
How to Send Money to the Philippines

You can have your money delivered to your loved ones in no time with these quick and easy steps.

1. Register

Register in our system for free through our website or mobile app. Verify your email address and complete your profile details.

2. Create Beneficiary

Add a beneficiary to whom you want to transfer money. Input the personal details and contact information of the recipient.

3. Send Money

Choose how you want your money delivered. Complete the details and select the payment method. Indicate the amount for sending. After paying the Total To Pay which includes all charges, the beneficiary will receive it quickly.

Money Transfer Services

Choose the best way to get your money delivered.

Account Transfer
Send money to the Philippines in no time! Online crediting of remittance proceeds to any bank account in the Philippines
Cash Collection
Cash remittances may be claimed by beneficiaries from over 18,000 designated pick-up centers.
Home Delivery
The convenience of having your money delivered right to your doorstep. (Available Soon)
Utility Payment
Pay for your SSS and PAG-IBIG contributions on time even if you are far away!
Enjoy remittance on the go with Comfort Remit app!
International money transfer is simple and hassle-free. Download now for free.

  • Send money securely at your own comfort.
  • Check the exchange rates in real time.
  • Easily monitor your transactions
  • Transfer fund anytime, anywhere.